How do I get my voting rights back?

How do I get my voting rights back?

Restoration of Voting Rights

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My voting rights were taken away…

Whatever the case may be, after doing time in prison or taking a plea in a felony case, the state takes away many of your rights.

In the eyes of society, you should be cleared of your crime. Do the time, and pay your debt to society, right?

No. As a convicted felon, you can not bear firearms. You can not vote.

So what are my options?

You can get an expungement. We briefly discussed this here, and at more length here. Call us at Panter Law Firm, PLLC to see if you qualify.

If you do not qualify for an expungement, there are other options exist. So let’s begin…

Restoration of Rights 

So maybe you don’t qualify for an expungement, but you want to be able to protect your family, your self, or your property. The consequences of bearing a firearm is a serious offense in Mississippi. You could be charged as a habitual offender, and receive the maximum sentence for Felon in Possession of a Firearm.

Instead, petition the sentencing court for a restoration of rights. Contact Panter Law Firm, PLLC to file this for you. The court requires you show signs of rehabilitation. Upon a hearing, or sometimes but rarely ex parte, the judge in the sentencing court issues a Certificate of Rehabilitation. This means you can now legally bear firearms.

So what about voting rights?

This is an entirely different process, and requires a pardon from the governor, or a legislative action. Panter Law Firm, PLLC will assist you with this process.

Further, time is always of the essence, and all of these actions take time to process. Need relief from your felony status? Call us:

Panter Law Firm, PLLC, 7736 Old Canton Road, Suite B, Madison, MS 39110.


Article by Richard Poole Noel, III