Can I expunge my record?

Can I expunge my record?

expunge my record

Expunge Your Record

You can expunge the record of certain convictions, and most arrests, by petitioning the court who had original jurisdiction. State laws define whether or not you can qualify. Remember, we are only discussing state arrests and convictions here.

For example, in Mississippi, you can expunge the convictions of felony bad check, simple possession of a controlled substance, felony false pretense, grand larceny, felony malicious mischief, and felony shoplifting. This is only for first offenses. In other words, subsequent offenses are not expungable.

A change in the law

The sentencing court once had plenary discretion to expunge felony convictions many years ago. However, that is not the current law. The previous list of crimes are the only felony convictions expungable by law now in the sentencing court. That being the case, you still have several options when trying to clear your record of misdemeanors and arrests, or otherwise regain your civil liberties.

If you were convicted of a misdemeanor, or pled guilty yet received a non-adjudication in which you had to follow certain terms set by the court (usually attending classes or remaining in good behavior), you will usually be able to get an expungement at the local level by petitioning the sentencing court.

Clean your record

Call us to expunge your record. Find out if you can get an expungement at (601) 607-3156.

What if I can’t expunge my record? Even if you are not eligible for an expungement, you may have more options to restore lost rights. This includes voting rights, right to possess a firearm, hunting privileges, and more. Talk to an attorney to see what you qualify for. For general information about Mississippi courts, look here. For a neighboring jurisdiction, please check out this article here.

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