Denied Social Security Benefits?

Denied social security benefits? Hire Panter Law Firm, PLLC.

social security benefits

Denied social security benefits?

If you are denied your Social Security benefits, then act quickly!

If you were denied your social security benefits, you have the opportunity to have your day in court to appeal the denial. You need to contact an attorney who handles these issues as soon as possible…


The appeal process takes time. First, you have to make sure you timely file your request for reconsideration. This is considered 60 days upon receipt of your denial letter.

Don’t wait!

Although you have sixty days, an attorney could have difficulty taking your case at the last minute. There is a process that needs to take place for an attorney to take your case and enter an appearance on your behalf as your representative.

We have already discussed this briefly herebut I would like to emphasize the importance of:

A) Not giving up;

B) Exercising your right of appeal in front of an administrative law judge (having your day in court);

C) And hiring an attorney to assist you.

Basically, an administrative law judge is a federally appointed judge who only handles social security administrative hearings. Just because you were denied doesn’t mean that the “system” is through with you. These judges will listen to your story, any updated medical issues. They will use the accompaniment of a vocational expert. The vocational expert will consider the actuarial national statistics for the amount of jobs you qualify for.

To clarify; this is an abrupt process. It does not require an attorney, but you should consider hiring one who knows how the procedure works and can present the appropriate facts to increase your chance of receiving your well-earned money. There is preparation required. For example, the vocational expert may qualify you to be eligible for particular jobs because of one small detail you excluded from your testimony. Without a doubt, an attorney familiar with the rules of the court can cross-examine the expert.

As a matter of fact, it all boils down to the FACTS. Get an experienced lawyer who can point them out. By all means, call us at 601-607-3156 for assistance.

Article by Richard Poole Noel, III

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