Attorney Craig Panter

S. Craig Panter
Attorney at Law

  • University of Southern Mississippi (B.S., with highest honors, 1982)
  • University of Mississippi (J.D., cum laude, 1985)

Mr. Panter has been a member of the Mississippi Bar since 1985. He has a wide range of experience, with a focus on business matters, employment disputes, contract law, and land disputes.

Lawsuits can be time-consuming and costly. For this reason, Mr. Panter works hard to resolve his clients’ disputes out of court, saving them valuable time and money. He will not hesitate, however, to file a lawsuit when necessary to protect their interests.

Business clients of Mr. Panter have included healthcare providers, oil and gas companies, cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturers, investors, local business owners, and construction contractors.

Mr. Panter has also represented numerous employees in claims for wrongful termination, discrimination (including religious discrimination), sexual harassment, and wage and hour violations.

He is experienced in the fields of non-compete agreements and severance agreements.

In the field of civil rights, he has represented people who have been the victim of wrongful arrest, excessive use of force, denial of medical care, and First Amendment violations.

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Attorney Richard Poole NoelRichard Poole Noel, III
Attorney at Law

  • Mississippi College (B.S., 2009)
  • Mississippi College School of Law (J.D., 2012)

Mr. Noel has been practicing law since 2012. He has spent his time in a multitude of trial courts in the central Mississippi region, including chancery, circuit, county, municipal, youth, and justice courts.

In his practice, he has represented clients in hundreds of bench trials. In the first jury trial he conducted, he was able to reach a directed verdict on one count and a jury acquittal on the other count for a young man accused of crimes that could have sent him to prison for half of his life. Justice for individuals and protecting their civil rights is what drives him to fight for his clients.

Aside from litigation, Mr. Noel has had the privilege of helping many clients with transactional and business needs, providing legal advice that has saved them their time and money.

Common areas of practice include family law, criminal law, personal injury, wills, trusts, estate probate, general litigation, social security disability, and restoration of rights.