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Judicial Districts

Mississippi has 82 counties.  There are 20 distinct Chancery and Circuit Court districts.  For example, Rankin County makes up the entirety of the 20th Chancery District. As does Hinds (the 5th Chancery District). Madison County is in the same District with Yazoo, Holmes, and Leake Counties (the 11th Chancery District). Scott County, Newton County, and Jasper County comprise the 2nd Chancery District.

Now let’s look at the Circuit Courts. The 20th Circuit Court District includes the counties of Madison and Rankin.  The 8th Circuit Court District includes the Counties of Leake, Scott, Neshoba, and Newton. Yet again, Hinds has its own district (the 7th Circuit District).

I use this for example because The Panter Law Firm, PLLC, is located in Madison City of Madison County, and these are some local judicial districts.

Chancery Jurisdiction

The Chancery courts have specific jurisdiction relating to traditional matters of equity.  The Mississippi Constitution, Article 6, Section 159, enumerates these matters:

(a) All matters in equity; (b) Divorce and alimony, (c) Matters testamentary and of administration; (d) Minor’s business; (e) Cases of idiocy, lunacy, and persons of unsound mind; (f) All cases of which the said court had jurisdiction under the laws in force when this Constitution is put in operation.

Circuit Court Jurisdiction

In contrast, the Circuit Courts have jurisdiction over felony criminal cases as well as jurisdiction over large civil claims for monetary damages. Both the Chancery and Circuit Courts have appellate jurisdiction over the Municipal and Justice Courts, described infra.

Municipal and Justice Courts

Many folks may be most familiar with city courts and justice courts.  Although their jurisdiction can be quite broad, most of the time the city (also known as municipal) court judge will be dealing with traffic offenses and misdemeanors issued by local law enforcement officers.  The justice court is the go-to county court, that although it may deal with traffic offenses and misdemeanors, it can also hear civil cases where the amount in controversy does not exceed $3,500.

County Courts

Mississippi also has some counties that also have a County Court, in addition to the county Justice Courts, which I call “County-County Court.”  This includes the following counties:  Adams, Bolivar, Coahoma, Desoto, Forrest, Hancock, Harrison, Hinds, Jackson, Jones, Lamar, Lauderdale, Lee, Leflore, Lowndes, Madison, Pearl River, Pike, Rankin, Warren, Washington, and Yazoo.

Another key thing to remember, is that a municipal court judge, a county justice, and a county court judge can also issue arrest or search warrants on potential felony cases.

I have been sued or charged with a crime. What now?

I explained the judicial structure in Mississippi; to help you help your attorney. It is very important for your schedule and for the schedule of the attorney you hire to have plenty of time to prepare your case – – Lawyer up now. Almost all attorneys will  not be able to take your case if you try to hire them the day before a hearing.

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