Mississippi Legislation 2019 – Part 1

Mississippi Legislation 2019

Mississippi Legislature 2019

Mississippi Legislation 2019:  The Mississippi legislature works every year to make laws or modify them. The following are a few 2019 updates concerning civil rights and liberties.

Criminal Justice Reform

The first notable legislation is HB 1352, short title Criminal Justice Reform Act. This bill’s intent is to help formerly incarcerated individuals return to their family, friends, and community; and not as a burden, but as a benefit by clearing hardships created by their status and time-length imprisoned.

In addition, SB 2781, titled “Mississippi Fresh Start Act,” prohibits professional licensing regulatory agencies and organizations from using vague language such as “good character” and “moral turpitude” for licensing qualifications and reinstatement.

Invasive Law Enforcement tactics

In the current and growing world of technology, many people have qualms about the dwindling of personal privacy. Major news networks harp on the term “surveillance state.” Obviously criminals must be brought to justice, but there ought to exist a balance between unconstitutional invasive investigation and appropriate investigation.

Who all has heard of a cell site simulator device? Commonly known as “Stingray,” this device forces compatible cell phone devices to disconnect from their service provider in order to extract information from the target cell phone.  House Bill 85 would have required a warrant before law enforcement implements this device to emulate a call tower to, more or less, spy and track anyone. House Bill 85 died in Judiciary B committee. My guess is that we will probably be seeing some version of this bill show up next term.

Article by Richard Poole Noel, III

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