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Social Security Disability Representation

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Do you need an attorney to help you with your social security disability claim? If you were denied, waste no time and call us at Panter Law Firm, PLLC at 601-607-3156.

Administrative Law Judge Hearing

When you hire an attorney you have an advantage in court. You have one shot to get your disability benefits at an Administrative Law Judge hearing after you were denied. You can refile, but it is in your best interest to present your case before one of these judges if you were denied.

Consider this: an Administrative Law Judge is a federal judge whose sole duty is to handle disability claims. They are very familiar with the law and need to determine the nature of your disability.

Whether or not you qualify for jobs in the “national economy,” I can sincerely say that this is unfair when you are in a locality where the economy is stagnant. If you have an attorney who has experience in these hearings, such as ourselves, we know how to present your case before the Administrative Law Judge.

A Brief Story… 

I have been fortunate to help people in need. Recently, we represented a gentleman who, although young, had severe disabilities. We were able to get a fully favorable decision.

Many people like to think there is a magic number (such as 65) when someone ought to retire or see if they qualify for disability. This is simply untrue. There is no magic number. Many young hardworking adults have been working since their teens and have suffered from hard work in which they cannot perform the work they once survived. Driving hurts, or is difficult. Standing hurts, or is difficult. Sitting is painful, even if only for a certain amount of time.

Article by Richard Poole Noel, III

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