My driver’s license was suspended, now what? Part 2

driver's license has been suspended

Suspended driver’s license part 2 by Richard Noel

My license is suspended, what can I do?

Other than failure to pay child support (previously mentioned in this post,) or something common like failure to pay for a renewal of your license because you did not check to see that it was expired (there is a grace period, but it will cost you. See Miss. Code Ann. § 63-1-49), the reasons your license might be suspended or revoked would be traffic or criminal offenses covered by Title 63 of the Code, titled “Motor Vehicles and Traffic Regulations.”

For example, a judge may find you in contempt for “failure to pay a fine or fee or to respond to a summons or citation pursuant to a charge of a violation of this title.” Miss. Code Anno. § 63-1-51(f).  A “violation of this title” could include any traffic offense, such as those listed below.

Example Number 1.  Meeting or overtaking school bus

 This is a serious offense that can result in jail time up to a year, fines from $350 to $1,500, and automatic suspension of your license for 90 days if it is a second offense. Miss. Code Ann. § 63-3-615.

Example Number 2.  Disregard of traffic device

This could be anything, from failure to come to a complete stop at an existing stop sign, to disregard of a temporary traffic control device.  An example of this would be a sign that is set up at a construction site to temporarily reducing the speed limit.  See also Miss. Code Ann. § 63-3-503, which should modify the associated fines.

Example Number 3.  Passing on the left

It may be common sense to pass slower traffic using the left lane, but there is also a statute that mandates it.  Miss. Code Ann. § 63-3-609.

Example Number 4.  Minimum speed limit

This may also be common sense – a vehicle travelling ten miles an hour on an interstate or highway is a dangerous obstruction.  Yet again, there is also a statute declaring it an illegal activity. Miss. Code Ann. § 63-3-609.  Travelling too slowly could get you a traffic citation.

Solutions?  Consider consulting an attorney to see what your options and potential consequences are before you go to court.

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