My driver’s license was suspended, now what?

driver's license has been suspended

Suspended driver’s license by Richard Noel

This is the first part of a series of posts about a suspended driver’s license.

Have you ever had your licensed suspended?  In a place like Mississippi, where most people are dependent upon their own transportation, a driver’s license is a vital thing.

Why might my license be suspended?

There are many reasons your license could be suspended.  Take for example this situation.  You are working hard.  Your ex-spouse or custodial parent of your child or children has an order declaring that you owe child support, payable every month.

An easy thing to do would be to have your employer send those payments to your spouse through a wage-withholding order.  This may have been an agreed order.  Whatever the circumstances are…

If you are behind on child support, even if you are trying your hardest to pay, a judge could find you in contempt and your license could be suspended by statute (Miss. Code Ann. §§ 93-11-157; 93-11-163).

In this particular situation, it could be in the alternative or in addition to you serving jail time.  As strange as this may seem (how can I work to pay child support if I can’t go to work?), the fact of the matter is, it is meant to teach you a lesson.  Before you go to court on a matter such as this, you should consult an attorney to see if you have a defense.

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