Covid era legal issue?

Covid era legal issue?

life during covid - 19

Life During Covid – 19

What is your Covid era legal issue? Covid has had a major impact on the judicial system. Do you have a family law, criminal defense, contract, business or insurance dispute?

Coronavirus, now properly labeled Covid-19, changed the way we live.

Courts have been shut down. The access to justice has been thwarted by a disease that even the best minds and experts are still trying to figure out.

Most of us are just taking orders; and this is good so we can protect ourselves and others. Whether it be wearing masks and regular hand sanitation, or quarantining to avoid those most likely to be severely inflicted.

In my experience

I know several people who have been affected by the virus. Fortunately, nobody I know has died yet.


As I mentioned before, the Courts on all levels have been backed up. You will need an attorney well-versed in several judicial procedures to adequately guide you to a solution to your legal issue.

Whether it be a contract dispute, family law, criminal defense, personal injury, or social security disability, Life during Covid era is strange. Please call us at:

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