Have your rights have been violated

Have your rights been violated?

rights denied

Were you denied rights?

Whatever your injustice…

Whatever your injustice, you can fight it. A common phrase amongst legal professionals is as follows: the attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client.

This may seem a callous comment, especially coming from an attorney. However, there is merit in this maxim. What this means is that the best advocate for yourself is an attorney. Find someone experienced in the loss you are suffering.

The other day in the general election…

Things change from day to day. Recently, Mississippians voted for a marijuana initiative. Who knew?

In different news, police officers are still pulling people over for unlawful arrests. When will civil asset forfeiture change? They are seizing property that does not belong to them. Under the guise of authority and a badge. They will take your property without finding you guilty of a crime. Is this Russia? Is this China? What is going on?

They are claiming without due process of law; which is held to a “preponderance of the evidence.” What this means is… in a civil capacity, if a judge THINKS you are engaged in some kind of unlawful enterprise.

… then. The cops. Can steal. Your money. To buy news cars. Rights have been violated?

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