Denied disability although working hard

Applied but Denied Disability 

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In need of your social security?

Common Misconceptions

Without much research, many people approaching retirement think that they can wait until the age of 65 and all of their social security benefits will be automatic. Whenever the government employees examine your case, you should follow up with an attorney to make sure you haven’t hit the final stage. There are deadlines to meet.

And this may be so. Some people continue to work to reach this age. While the age of 65 may be considered a “magic number,” those who continue to work until they reach this age may be suffering from chronic pain or inability to perform their prior work functions.

Waiting for this age may not be the answer if you are suffering. Although age is a factor, consider the following…

You can apply for disability. There are those in the work force who have been working since they were in their teens. This firm has been fortunate to have the opportunity to help those as young as 35 get their disability due to debilitating physical conditions.

This is because, when you are disabled, you are disabled. Call us. Don’t call anybody. You deserve the money your employers took from your payroll for all these years. Many attorneys will not know how to handle your case.

What I’m trying to say, and what we can do for you…

Denied disability? If you aren’t under continuing care from a family physician, you need to be. If you are worried about applying because you were told by a friend or family member that it won’t work, or you need to wait, please do not rely on their advice or opinions.

Denied disability? There is no “magic number” …

For more information, see this article here. For an some general statistics listed by an unaffiliated website, check here.

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