Were you raided by ICE?

Raided by ICE?

Detained by ICE?

Detained by ICE?

Immigration and Customs Enforcement

The United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement is the branch of the government that has authority across all the States to enforce the deportation of people who are not citizens, or do not have any license to be in the United States (known commonly as “work visa” or “green card”).

What will happen next?

Mississippi is not different from many other states… there are many Mississippians who hail from foreign nations. They have lived and worked here, and grown families here. ICE can deport them, though.

The process

Often there will be an ICE agent who investigates the legal status of immigrants once suspected. This is an extreme example: authorities took 680 employees working at poultry plants in the central Mississippi area in 2019.

However, if you have gone through the proper channels to gain citizenship, or a permit to work in the U.S., as envisioned by the system currently in effect, this should not be a problem.


It is. If you have kept up with the news, the border between the United States and Mexico has become a hot topic.This effects all Hispanics, not just this particular border. The U.S. Attorney Mike Hurst, as Federal Attorney for the State of Mississippi,  stated on August 7, 2019; that employers of “illegal aliens” will be prosecuted. See this link here for context. This means that the employers of non-citizens or unregistered people unauthorized to do work in the U.S. are looked on with some sympathy; wherein, they may be outside of the law, but it doesn’t make them criminals. In my eyes.

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