They have been locked up too long?

The right to counsel and a speedy trial during COVID-19; have they been locked up too long?

they have been locked up too long?


Life during quarantine… 

Covid-19 has changed everything. But…

The Sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution STILL grants a right to a speedy trial.  The United States Supreme Court has interpreted the application of this law since its inception in 1791.

In addition, Mississippi law provides some of its own standards.  Mississippi Code Ann. § 99-17-1 states “Unless good cause be shown, and a continuance duly granted by the court, all offenses for which indictments are presented to the court shall be tried no later than two hundred seventy (270) days after the accused has been arraigned.”

This has already been covered in a blog here and here.

In short, what comes next?

As the governing bodies and authorities juggle with the economy opening back up, many executive orders and legislative actions will halt the function of judiciary proceedings.

Many celebrities brought special attention to the Mississippi Department of Public Corrections.

If you have had difficulty contacting a loved one, or believe that they have been wrongfully incarcerated for a lengthy period of time, we have experience dealing with the judiciary branch. Also, we have experience dealing with the executive branch and its subsidiaries.

The Parole Board

The Mississippi Parole Board grants parole at certain stages of your incarceration. Contact us.

COVID-19 changed everything. The Mississippi Department of Corrections may grant you parole. They may not. They have to do their job. After all, they are following orders and making a judgment call. You, or any of your loved ones, as an individual, have rights. Hire an attorney to figure out what to do between arrest and release. However it may happen. Locked up too long? Call

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