Restoration of Rights – how do I go about it?

Hunting privileges and personal defense rights

Restoration of Rights – how do I go about it?

Previously on this blog, we discussed expunging a criminal record here. There are many convictions that cannot be expunged, mostly felonies. However, you would like to defend yourself and your family. You would also like to hunt, or teach your children to hunt. In Mississippi, you accomplish this by a petitioning for a certificate of rehabilitation.

Expungement vs. Restoration

As previously stated, many crimes cannot be expunged. Apart from traffic violations, felonies are the main area you have to worry about. Why? Because felons can be charged with yet another felony for possessing a firearm. This carries a maximum sentence of 10 years in Mississippi!

Petitioning the Sentencing Court

Call us today about petitioning your sentencing court for a certificate of rehabilitation or restoration of rights. Like expungements, you will not be able to do this pro se – that is, on your own. Get an expungement, a restoration, a pardon, or whatever you may need with our assistance.

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