Denied Social Security?

Were you denied social security?

Denied Benefits?

Denied Social Security Benefits?

If you were denied a disability claim (SSDI); don’t give up. There is an appeal process. Hire an attorney to discuss your case. This matter is time sensitive in determining your onset date of disability.

You worked for years with the understanding that you have insurance; it is not called social security for no reason. Social Security benefits are Federal law, and have an entire administration, court structure, and regulatory laws based upon it.

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Social Security Disability

Without going into detailed history, the Social Security Act went into effect in the 1930’s. During this era, The United States of America had gained an edge in the national economy because of the booming industry of the generations prior. This took an industrious and hard-working population.

The National Work Force

Our population is indeed proud, and its workers are also. If you have been employed, then you have likely been paying toward your benefits. If you are no longer able to work, call us to discuss your eligibility for disability benefits at 601-607-3156.  Check out out our website and blog if you would like additional information about our legal services and experience.

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