Civil forfeiture – when the government takes your property

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Civil Forfeiture

The government may take your property if it is believed to have been used as part of a crime. This means that the property may not just be held for evidence, but may actually be possessed or sold by the law enforcement authority or authorities who made the arrest.

This is called civil asset forfeiture, and it can happen before you are even indicted or convicted of the underlying crime you have been accused of.

For example, if you were charged in Mississippi with a drug trafficking charge on the road, even though the amount of drugs may be small, your vehicle could taken and sold by the arresting authority. The same goes for other personal property, and even real estate.

Protect your interests

Civil asset forfeiture has a specific procedure to be followed; it is critical that the authorities give notice. This is not something that can wait. Once a notice of forfeiture has been sent to you, you must respond quickly. Having an attorney to handle this matter for you can make all the difference.

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