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Second Amendment Rights

Is an Ounce of Prevention Worth More Than a Pound of Cure? Yes. Normally I would agree with this statement. I believe it is better to brush your teeth regularly than have a dentist pull them out. How does this analogy apply to Second Amendment rights? Why this does NOT work with gun laws… Many [..]

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Mississippi Legislation 2019 – Part 1

Mississippi Legislation 2019 Mississippi Legislation 2019:  The Mississippi legislature works every year to make laws or modify them. The following are a few 2019 updates concerning civil rights and liberties. Criminal Justice Reform The first notable legislation is HB 1352, short title Criminal Justice Reform Act. This bill’s intent is to help formerly incarcerated individuals [..]

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Can I sue for a HIPAA violation?

I have seen many questions about HIPAA privacy violations, usually involving someone disclosing a person’s medications or medical records. The questions almost always ask “can I sue?” The answer is “maybe”. No private cause of action under HIPAA. HIPAA is federal law that imposes very strict requirements on doctors, hospitals, and others who come into [..]

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