Category: Business & Contract Dispute Resolution

Unwritten Contracts and Land Sales

Section 15-3-1 of the Mississippi Code lists several contracts that must be in writing in order to be valid. That law is known as the “statute of frauds,” and we wrote about that subject here. In this post, we will look at the law regarding the sale of land in particular. Section 15-3-1 states “An [..]

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Exceptions to at-will employment

Exceptions to at-will employment Mississippi follows the common law rule that employment contracts drafted with indefinite terms regarding duration may be terminated at the will of either party. Butler v. Smith, 35 Miss. 457, 464 (1858). This is commonly referred to as “at-will” employment, and is the norm in States whose legislature does not tend [..]

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Non-compete and non-solicitation agreements

We previously wrote about non-compete agreements in Mississippi here. This post will address the distinctions between a non-compete agreement and a non-solicitation agreement. Non-compete agreements. As the name suggests, these contracts are often used by employers to prevent an employee leaving and going into competition against the employer. As our prior post discusses, such agreements [..]

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