What should I look for before signing a lease?

Lease You are about to sign a lease for property. Whether it is residential or commercial property, you should look for certain key provisions and be sure you understand them. Term The word “term” simply means how long the lease will be in effect. You want to know how long you have to keep leasing [..]

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Can I get out of my non-compete agreement?

You signed a non-compete agreement with your employer. Now, you want to go to work somewhere else. What are your options? Mississippi courts disfavor non-compete agreements. The courts prefer a free marketplace. They want people to be able to change jobs and compete. The courts will, however, enforce such an agreement when it is reasonable [..]

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Somebody sued me. Should I ask for Moeller counsel?

An earlier post explains the meaning of a “reservation of rights” letter. As that post explains, if you receive such a letter, the insurance company must allow you to find your own independent lawyer. That lawyer will serve as Moeller counsel. Why is the lawyer call Moeller counsel? The name comes from the Mississippi Supreme [..]

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