Second Amendment Rights

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Second Amendment rights

Is an Ounce of Prevention Worth More Than a Pound of Cure?

Yes. Normally I would agree with this statement. I believe it is better to brush your teeth regularly than have a dentist pull them out. How does this analogy apply to Second Amendment rights?

Why this does NOT work with gun laws…

Many people understand sobriety checkpoints during holidays in places of heavy population. It is likely that many people are celebrating, and have had a few drinks along with their food and merriment. A sobriety checkpoint is a preventative measure that many predict, and know to expect because they are using a public thoroughfare.

In the alternative, imagine this: a Senator in Mississippi recently wanted to red-flag any gun owner in Mississippi. This law was SB2055. Fortunately, the bill did not pass committee this last term. As everyone knows, guns are dangerous; but most lawfully abiding citizens follow the law and know proper gun safety precautions.

Lawless people do not care about laws.

Reasons against creating excessive legislation

Red-flagging or marking any and every gun owner in Mississippi creates problems, and the proposed legislation would have created a fruitless law wherein law enforcement could chase down shadows that don’t exist.

As you may have seen here, I have posted a blog about law enforcement agencies who take advantage of civil asset forfeiture laws. I have seen police confiscate property without due process of law, even when the underlying crime does not exist. Please look at one of our civil asset forfeiture blogs here and here. For a brief overview, check out this website here.

Following the Law

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